Anaxsys Technology

Company: Anaxsys Technology
Competition Entered/ Phase: Patient safety / Phase 3
Innovation: Respiratory Rate Monitor
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RespiR8 is a continuous respiratory rate monitor, that has a sensor incorporated into a Hudson oxygen mask that is connected to an electronic monitor. The monitor displays respiratory rate, either as a current number that is continuously updated or as a trend, showing changes in respiratory rate over time.  The sensor monitors moisture in exhaled breath and is therefore a direct measure of breathing.  RespiR8 is CE marked and available for sale in EU.

Application of respiR8 in the post -operative setting has shown that patients are experiencing apnea much more frequently than has previously been observed. Clinical trials have shown frequent apnea occur in elderly patients who have received general anesthesia and pain relief. RespiR8 has also been evaluated for use in ambulances.

Anaxsys is now planning to undertake a study in post-operative cognitive dysfunction to evaluate whether the incidence of apnea in the elderly is associated with a change in cognitive function score following surgery. Post operative delirium is a well-known condition.


“The grant from SBRI enabled Anaxsys to evaluate respiR8 for use in ambulances, potentially opening up a  significant market for respiR8 and improving safety for patients by providing HCPs with early information regarding patient deterioration during transfer by ambulance.”
Barbara Lead

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