BespakCompany: Bespak

Competition: Medicines Management

Innovation: Lapas – On-body Bolus Injector

Total Award: £497,900 awarded across Phase 1 & 2

Saving to the NHS: Saves significant cost of a hospital day case by moving drug administration to patients home

Product Availability: Intellectual property available to license from 2014

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Bespak is a leading global supplier of drug delivery devices for injectable and inhaled products. With SBRI Healthcare funding, Bespak has developed an On-Body Injector device known as Lapas, driven by a novel power source, to create a low cost approach to larger volume, higher viscosity drug delivery.

The device will enable new drugs to be administered to patients in their own home, rather than in an expensive hospital setting, saving the NHS significant drug administration costs and freeing up space in hospital beds and outpatient clinics. The easy to use injector will increase medication compliance and thus improve the medical outcome for patients.

Bespak, a Consort Medical company, is a leading global supplier of drug delivery devices for injectable and inhaled products. With SBRI Healthcare, Bespak has developed an On-Body Injector device known as Lapas, driven by a novel power source, to create a low cost approach to larger volume, higher viscosity drug delivery.

This injector device is targeted at the next generation of drugs which tend to be more viscous and therefore more challenging to deliver. Consequently, administration typically happens in a hospital setting which is an expensive method for the NHS and is less convenient and can be more uncomfortable for patients.

Bespak’s new injector will enable patients to self administer their medication at home, providing a much more convenient administration route, and therefore improve medication compliance and medical outcomes. Complications from patients not adhering to their medication regime is expected to reduce, providing further cost savings for the health service.

The convenience of home administration is the key benefit for patients, many of whom currently have to spend nearly a day in hospital having a drug infusion, compared to a 5 or 20 minute injection with this new device. Feedback from patients has been extremely

Healthcare professionals have also been very encouraging in response to the device:


A Department of Health report (Reference costs 2012-13) states that the average cost of a day case in England is £693. Bespak’s injector will save a significant proportion of this cost by moving drug administration to a patient’s home without the need for any assistance from a healthcare professional.

Many of the next generation of drugs now coming onto the market are targeted, biologic drugs which are viscous and difficult to deliver. The Lapas device offers the pharmaceutical industry a real solution for delivering these types of drugs in a
cost effective, patient centric method.


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