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Company: OBS Medical Limited
Competition Entered/ Phase: Patient Safety ‐ Improving Health Outcomes / Phase 3
Innovation: Visensia Mobile
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Visensia Mobile is an ambulatory, continuous multi-dimensional monitoring system to improve patient safety and outcomes through the early detection of patient deterioration and instability.

Respiratory Rate (RR) is the most sensitive marker in the early detection of patient deterioration. However the monitoring RR outside ICU is surprisingly challenging and is normally only undertaken periodically during routine observations.

Visensia Mobile derives RR from the Heart Rate and Oxygen Saturation information received from a mobile Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter. An automated patient status (VSI) index is produced indicating the patients predicted risk of deterioration and providing real time feedback to clinical staff. Results from early studies have shown the ability to improve patient monitoring compliance, remove the potential for human error in data gathering and provide significant benefits for early warning of patient deterioration using the patented Visensia fusion algorithm software.

Add to this the opportunity to improve the efficiency and quality of ward handover between shifts and the benefit of being able to see the current status of all patients along with a predicted risk index score (VSI) at any time on the ward or anywhere in the hospital, Visensia Mobile represents a new standard in the management of patient risk.

The SBRI Healthcare award will enable OBS Medical Ltd to conduct further clinical studies and detailed health economic data modelling.


“Through the various phases of funding we have been able to conduct studies which have demonstrated the benefit of Visensia Mobile technology in post-surgical settings, enhancing the quality of care and resource efficiency. OBS Medical’s experience of working with the SBRI Healthcare team is very positive and is recommended to all businesses to aid technology development particularly if you are a small or medium enterprise.”
Chris Weatherall, Unit Director, OBS Medical Limited

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