Rapid Rhythm Ltd

Company: Rapid Rhythm Ltd
Competition Entered/ Phase:  Stroke / Phase 3
Innovation: Rapid Rhythm one-step, wireless handheld ECG device
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rapid rhythm schematic diagramRapid Rhythm is a new, simple, 90 second one-step  electrocardiogram (ECG) handset device for screening, early diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of abnormal cardiovascular conditions.

Originally intended for primary care screening for atrial fibrillation (AF), a risk factor for stroke, the device has applications for a wide range of arrhythmias and cardiac conditions in primary care, acute, hyper-acute and emergency care clinical settings.

The Rapid Rhythm device will transform current ECG practices by providing instant results, with reduced training sensitivity whilst integrating to current systems. Expedited diagnoses and decision making will help in early intervention, improving care and saving lives.

The current SBRI Phase 3 project seeks to validate the clinical and economic benefits of improving ECG workflow and staff efficiency to help accelerate the adoption of the Rapid Rhythm technology in all  segments of healthcare.

The company Rapid Rhythm Ltd. was formed in 2011 by founders Dr Adam Fitzpatrick and TRUSTECH Smart Healthcare Ventures. Rapid Rhythm is based in Manchester, UK, where it is developing products to aid the adoption of ECG testing in primary care, acute care and hyper-acute care.

“SBRI Healthcare awards have enabled Rapid Rhythm to develop and tailor our product offering  specifically to the needs of the clinical community – and for the idea to become a reality.  The awards have meant more thorough clinical input during the design phase, helped the business to widen its scope and allowed product evaluation use across primary, acute, emergency care, ambulance and care home areas. We have been fortunate to receive Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 funding, without which the business would have needed to focus on a narrower product scope and commercialise in a different market.”

Matt Pearce, CEO Rapid Rhythm

Visit Rapid Rhythm site: www.rapid-rhythm.com