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WessexPatients and the health of Wessex wider population will benefit from the AHSN programme, which will:
Support service transformation programmes to improve the Wessex health and care system, drawing on our considerable experience in linking clinical service and research networks to improve clinical outcomes.
Ensure that health and care services benefit from the rapid application of innovation and research based discovery to deliver clinical and service excellence.
Enable effective business and wealth creation within health and care sector, and manage technology and knowledge transfer to deliver an improving health and care related business economy.
Support delivery of strategic research programmes, including increased patient participation in clinical research, learning from these to directly improve local services and share the outcomes with other UK health and care systems.

The AHSN agenda will be driven by the demographic, economic and social priorities of the Wessex area. Three main approaches, linked to local commissioning plans and partners’ agreed collaborative priorities, will be used to promote the take up of innovation and establish new service models and business opportunities and enable continued sustainability of our healthcare system.

Wessex AHSN was the clinical lead on the Medication adherence category in the 7th SBRI Healthcare competition.

All successful companies funded by the SBRI Healthcare Programme located in Wessex include:


Funding amount received by companies to date – £1,947,482.00


Key Contacts:

Tel: 023 8202 0840

Email: enquiries@wessexahsn.org.uk

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