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Ieso Digital Health - Use of online text delivered cognitive behavioural therapy to provide integrated diabetes and psychological care to improve treatment of people with type 1 diabetes

PsychologyOnline plan to offer remote delivery of personalised therapy to people with type 1 diabetes who are struggling to achieve optimal glycaemic control. Therapy will be delivered via text ove...

Inclusiviti - Inclusiviti Chair- A stylish embodiment of functional and aesthetic design, making assistive technology aspirational

The Inclusiviti Chair delivers improvements through intuitively controlled Mecanum wheels. These comprise of hubs with several elliptical rollers placed at an angle around the periphery. Mounted in gr...

Inovus Ltd - Democratising access to realistic surgical simulation with augmented reality

Popular opinion suggests that virtual reality (VR) is the future of medical and surgical simulation. However, the limitations of VR become apparent when the accuracy of features such as haptic feedbac...