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Cadscan Ltd - PhoBot - A voice-controlled conversational agent to reduce anxiety in children

Children and young people with mental illness wait an average of ten years before receiving help. Rates of depression and anxiety amongst young people have increased by 70% in the last 25 years. Anxie...

Cambridge Clinical Management Analytics - Decision Support Tool for Predicting & Managing Emergency Department Crowding

Flow|ER is a product that aims to get to the heart of this complexity through analysing an internationally agreed set of crowding measures to PREDICT crowding problems that are likely to occur in adva...

Capillary Film Technology Ltd - Capillary Film Technology (CFT) is developing affordable microfluidics for rapid, sensitive, point of care measurement of multiple cardiovascular disease biomarkers

700,000 people experience heart attack symptoms annually, and will experience the agony of a long wait for test results. Capillary Film Technology (CFT) has developed affordable microfluidic testing t...