Joop Tanis

Management Support  

Joop is responsible for the UK wide delivery of the SBRI Healthcare Programme. The programme awards development contracts of up to £1.1 in two phases. As well as supporting the development of innovative health solutions, SBRI healthcare stimulates economic growth and entrepreneurship in this sector.

In his career to date Joop has developed an in depth understanding of the interplay between innovation, entrepreneurship, health and financial outcomes, commissioning, service provision and users’ perspectives. Previous roles include Head of The Young Foundation’s Health Launchpad Innovation Fund, where he led the investment in and development of innovative programmes and enterprises in health and social care, and Head of Innovation (Service Delivery) at Health Enterprise East.

In his previous clinical career as a Physiotherapist and clinical manager in the NHS Joop developed insights in the patient – clinician relationship and the factors necessary to deliver patient satisfaction as well as improved outcomes. As an NHS manager he gained a good understanding of the organisational and financial levers that drive decisions in this complex environment, including the translation of policy into delivery and the need for close collaboration between healthcare providers, innovators (both clinical and industrial), commissioners and users.