Managing Long Term Conditions/ Patient Safety and Keeping Children Active

Launched in April 2009, SBRI East was a regional programme funded jointly by NHS East of England, the East of England Development Agency, the European Regional Development Fund and the Technology Strategy Board. Designed to enable companies to bid for development contracts for innovative technologies that would help to meet current health priorities in the region, all applicants also had to demonstrate that they could contribute to achieving a low carbon environment.

Companies were invited to submit ideas that could be turned into practical solutions to make a substantial difference in three priority areas: Managing long-term conditions, Patient safety and Keeping children active.

The competition was launched in April 2009 and received a total of 177 entries. After an extensive selection process eleven companies were each awarded funds of up to £100,000 in Phase 1 to develop their idea to the next stage.

Ideas selected include a programme to encourage children to cycle or walk to school and to increase their levels of physical activity generally through an approach that involves the whole school, a device to monitor respiratory rate which gives an early indication of patient deterioration enabling healthcare professionals to intervene early and a device for measurement and characterisation of wounds such as diabetic ulcers.The eleven companies funded in phase 1 were:

  1. Eco-Route Ltd
  2. Docobo Ltd
  3. Exhalation Technology Ltd
  4. Eykona Technologies
  5. Hidalgo Ltd
  6. Sonovia Ltd
  7. ABMS Ltd
  8. Anaxsys Technology Ltd
  9. Cambridge Design Partnership
  10. Oxford BioSignals’
  11. TwistDX Ltd

After successful completion of their phase 1 projects four of the companies were awarded phase 2 contracts to continue development and commercialization of their product or service winning funds of between £250k and £1m each. The four companies selected in Phase 2 were: Cambridge Design Partnership, Sonovia Ltd, Oxford Biosignals and Eykona Technologies.