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Just Checking

Company: Just Checking
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SBRI Healthcare: NHS England/Phase 3
Innovation: Just Right

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Just Checking works with 80% of UK local authorities with social services responsibilities.  The company’s activity monitoring system is used for the assessment and care of people with dementia.  With the backing of NHS England, Just Checking will be used to improve care for adults with learning disabilities.

Of the £17 billion spent on adult social care, 30% is on services for adults with learning disabilities, up from 22% 5 years ago. Just Checking enables local authorities and supported living service providers to objectively identify the right level of care – not too little, not too much – to optimise independence.  They can see who needs support and when, particularly at night time. How much call is there on night staff? Are night time checks having a disturbing effect?

A 12 month project started in April 2014, ‘Just Right’ will see 10 local authorities and 40 providers working together to build an evidence base of the effectiveness of Just Checking technology in improving outcomes for service users and generating cost efficiencies.  KPMG and Birmingham University will measure the social and economic impact of the technology. Helen Sanderson Associates will work with the service providers on the standards of care and support.

If current evidence is replicated at scale, the goal is to deliver improved care for the 86,000 people who need supported living services, at lower, more sustainable cost.  This will increase capacity to meet growing demand.  The number of working age adults with learning disabilities is predicted to rise 20% by 2024.

Just Right builds on pioneering work in supported living and residential care of adults with learning disabilities using Just Checking.

“We have already seen the positive outcomes using this technology supports, but SBRI Healthcare funding will allow us to produce scaled, impartial evidence more quickly and with the backing of world class partners.” – Simon Price, Director, Chartered Engineer and co-founder of Just Checking

Visit Just Checking: www.justchecking.co.uk

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