SBRI Healthcare Competitions

Background to SBRI Healthcare

The SBRI Healthcare process is built around defined competitions. There are normally two competition rounds per year, with applications invited in the Spring and Autumn. When competitions are launched, the details will be published here.

Companies are invited to bid for funding to develop solutions for specific health needs. Nominated AHSNs lead on running the calls and competitions. Bids are assessed by a panel of technical, business and clinical experts and the most promising ideas are selected for funding.

Phase 1 contracts for feasibility testing are valued at up to £100,000 and last for six months. If the feasibility testing in Phase 1 is successful, companies can bid for Phase 2 funding to continue product development and testing. All applicants are assessed by the same clinical, technical and business experts with the panel looking for game-changing technologies and commercial plans to make a real difference in the challenge areas defined at the start of the process. Phase 2 contracts are worth up to £1 million over a period of 12 months. Throughout the process, SBRI Healthcare sources health economists to help with the business model and provides ‘light touch’ monitoring to ensure projects are on track to meet agreed milestones.

Please be aware there are no competitions currently open.
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The SBRI Healthcare Process
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