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Anya is a pioneering app utilising 3D technology and AI to provide breastfeeding and early parenthood support 24/7

Clinical problem

The UK has the worst breastfeeding rate globally. Although 81% of mothers initiate breastfeeding, only 1% are still breastfeeding exclusively after 6 months. Over 90% of mothers say they give up breastfeeding before they wanted to due to pain and a lack of support.

Unsuccessful breastfeeding is costing the global economy a staggering $1bn per day in health system costs and lost productivity due to premature deaths, and human capital losses. The total addressable market for breastfeeding and early parenthood support covers a population of over 100m globally.

About Anya

The Anya app offers innovative 24/7 parental support during the first 1001 days from conception to toddlerhood, providing:

  • Unique LatchAidTM cutting-edge 3D interactive animations to help mothers learn breastfeeding skills intuitively from 3D mother/baby avatars, with personalised skin tones, breast sizes, holds and camera angles.
  • Empathic #AskAnya AI powered virtual supporter for personalised evidence-based support and companionship 24/7, with personalised question suggestions and personas. Expert one-on-one in-app support from world-class healthcare professionals.
  • Tailored conversation starters, articles, videos and learning programmes based on baby’s age and stage.
  • Webinars and virtual drop-ins to help parents connect with professionals, and to feel reassured and more confident.
  • Moderated support communities connecting parents with a close-knit network of other families going through the same things as they are.

Anya allows healthcare professionals to prioritise their clinical workload by allowing the app to triage simpler cases for them and deliver the right information at the right time. Anya’s work on our SBRI Healthcare’s Phase 1 Tackling Inequalities in Maternity Care project has delivered additional functionality and research to deliver to each priority area of young parents, Black families and low-income families.


  • Available to around 5m NHS service users through paid population-based contracts
  • 2x breastfeeding rate compared with the national average (based on a 6 month NHS pilot with 4 ICSs)
  • Proudly supported parents from 100+ countries
  • Won 4 Innovate UK funding competitions and SBRI Healthcare funding
  • NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow
  • DTAC compliant
  • Traction with private sectors as an employee benefit

Date Published

April 2023


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