Bringing new technologies
to the NHS

Accelerating the development of new technologies that meet the needs of the NHS.
An NHS England initiative delivered by the AHSN Network
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The initiative supports a programme of competitions inviting companies to come forward with their ideas and new technologies for known NHS challenges.


Ideas are assessed and a fully funded development contract is agreed between the company and the NHS. SBRI Healthcare monitors the contract – where the NHS is the lead customer.

Simple process

SBRI Healthcare is a fast-track, simplified process that enables the NHS to work with industry to tackle known health challenges.

Competitions: Past & Present

Details of SBRI Healthcare competition, themes and briefing events are available via the following link.

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Company directory

The directory provides a list of all of the companies that have been funded through SBRI Healthcare.

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Case studies

Explore a range of case studies from a selection of competition winners from previous funding rounds.

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Pioneering 3D printed bionic hands are to begin clinical trials.

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