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Brain in Hand


Competition 16 - Integrated Care and Social Care

Clinical Need

Failure to properly support autistic people costs the UK £32 billion annually in treatment, lost earnings,
care and support. It is a priority in the NHS Long Term plan and a challenge that requires the combined efforts of health and social care.

The Innovation

Available when needed and fully personalised, Brain in Hand (BIH) transforms the delivery of services for
autistic people by combining personal technology and high-quality remote support.


  • In use in 20% of English authorities (45% of London boroughs)
  • Over 6,000 licenses used to date
  • Real World evaluation demonstrated a return of investment of £6 to £1 from direct savings and avoidable costs
  • Highest rated digital tool for autism by ORCHA
  • In use in Canada
  • Participants in the Techforce 19 programme and the NHS digital accelerator programme

User Impact

  • 500 patients benefited through sales and 450 through user testing-trials
  • COVID-19: Available as a fully remote, round-the-clock support system since COVID-19


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