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Definition health


An end-to-end digital pathway supporting patients' surgical journeys, realising savings and efficiencies for healthcare providers.

Name and role of Project Lead

Mr Sandeep Chauhan, Co-Founder & CEO, Definition Health

About Definition health

Definition Health was founded to tackle the ever-growing importance of a digital future in healthcare and support the NHS’s long-term plan of digitisation and the net zero commitment.

Definition Health provides an end-to-end approach to digital patient services by digitising the entire patient journey into one cohesive experience. Via the LifeBox platform, patients can access all stages of their hospital journey from one account, including customisable health questionnaires, personalised educational media, file sharing and post-operative recovery monitoring.

An independent study by Unity Insights, working in partnership with Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust extrapolated to the Surrey Heartlands ICS, showed savings of £1.94 million per 43,000 patients over 5 years and a ROI of £1.50 for every £1 invested (50%). Per 12,000 patients over 5 years, 103 tCO2e could be saved in travel and 5 tCO2e in paper. A pilot study showed that only 17 (14.2%) of 120 hip replacement patients needed follow-up by a consultant surgeon following use of LifeBox, creating vital time and resource efficiencies.


  • Over 175,000 patients supported across all specialties
  • Solutions deployed and utilised in more than 35 hospitals nationwide, and across 10 NHS Trusts
  • Multi Award-winning including the HSJ Partnership Award for best elective care recovery initiative, in partnership with Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust, and the HSJ 2023 award for best partnership
  • NHS Innovation Accelerator Programme 2021
  • Innovate UK grants
  • Co2 savings of 5,200 KGCo2e per 1,000 patients
  • Featured in the UK's Digital Health Playbook 2023 as 'Ones to Watch'

“It empowers patients and engages them more fully in their own care, educating them about their surgical procedure and facilitating smooth admission. It also allows us to improve the standardisation of patient care and reduce unnecessary hospital visits.”

Dr. Harsh Saxena, Lead Consultant Anaesthetist, Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust

Patient quote

"It was user-friendly and easy to navigate through. The questions were comprehensive and helped me understand my health status better. I also appreciated all the personalised results and recommendations that were provided to me."

Date published

February 2024


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