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Good Boost


Transforming any place into a therapeutic exercise space, with validated AI-exercise rehabilitation software, including in water available on public download (B2C) and on customer-designed waterproof tablets (B2B).

About Good Boost

Around one-third of the 18.8m people living with an MSK condition are over the age of 65, with an average of 52% of people this age living with a condition. MSK conditions for this group represent the primary cause of accidental mortality (falls fracture), loss of physical independence and early entry into a care facility.

It is essential that community MSK solutions are designed to be attractive and engaging for pro-active self-management and peer-led support and motivation to reduce the number of years lived in disability. We have completed patient insight Panel focus groups over the last two years to co-design and develop Good Boost. This has been from the user interface and app navigation through to the features and function of the app.

Our solution is to overcome the primary barrier of pain during rehabilitation exercise by working in water and to overcome the barrier of motivation and digital exclusion by having group sessions in community facilities.

Good Boost addresses the NHS Long Term plan focus on digital health, creating community health solutions closer to home, adding a solution for social prescribers to signpost and
support with provision as well as reactive therapeutic exercise.

Good Boost has supported a quarter of users from low-income households, cutting through inequality. The system is designed to support multiple languages, including the most spoken languages in the UK after English: Welsh, Polish, Guajarati, Urdu and Bengali to create an inclusive solution.

Patient quote

"It’s made a heck of a difference. It’s taken me five years to find some exercise I can do. It came quite easy and it was enjoyable. I can now use my left leg to step up occasionally, and I could not do that before. I’m on my own, I can do something on my own!"

Nola patient


  • E mark Class 1 Medical Device
  • Tested in 13 leisure centres, with 36 due for launch
  • Seven jobs retained/created
  • Demonstrated meaningful improvement in pain, function and quality life from baseline to 4, 8, 12
    & 24 weeks, with 55% user retention at 12 weeks
  • Selected for Microsoft’s ‘AI for Good’ accelerator and for the Institute for Ethical AI’s Catalyst programme, won the ‘Technology Award’ at the London Sports Awards
  • Supported by Arthritis Action, the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, the National Axial
    Spondyloarthropathy Society and Versus Arthritis
  • COVID-19: Awarded ‘Business-Led Response to COVID-19’ Innovate UK funding to develop a home app for land exercises to support people to manage their MSK conditions at home and maintain social distancing
  • Awarded Pool Product of the Year’ 2020


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