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A healthcare specific engagement tool that empowers NHS staff to reduce their carbon footprints.

Name and role of Project Lead

Josh Cleall, Product Director, Jump (Green Rewards Ltd - trading as Jump)

About Jump

For the NHS to achieve net zero, its 1.4 million staff must make a multitude of small changes to the way they work. Jump estimate that, of all emission reductions that need to happen on the NHS Net Zero pathway, 19.7% are directly influenced by staff behaviour.

Jump delivers programmes to empower all NHS staff to reduce their carbon emissions by making informed choices both at work and in their personal lives. Features include personalisation of actions based on the employee’s role, a carbon calculator which allows staff to calculate their carbon footprint at work and at home, and impact reporting, providing NHS Trusts with measurable data for employee actions.

This data can then be aligned to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, Sustainable Development Goals, and the specific priorities within their individual Green Plans, for an entirely personalised approach to employee-led sustainability.

Feedback has been very positive. In response to Jump's 'behaviour change in action’ survey 2022, of 1,900 respondents, 85% agreed that they understood more about the impact of their actions on the environment, 84% are more conscious about their energy usage and how to take action to reduce it, and 97% said they had implemented new sustainability habits into their daily and weekly routine. More than 718,000 actions have been completed by participating NHS staff.

In 2022, across all its programmes (private, public and third sector) Jump recorded 3.6 million+ positive actions. Projections suggest that these actions have helped avoid over 5.0 million kg CO2e, saved over 1.8 million kWhs of energy, and enabled over 3.3 million miles of sustainable travel.


  • Working with 25 NHS Trusts
  • More than 718,000 actions have been completed by participating NHS staff
  • Projected 1.8 million kg CO2e avoided as a result of employee actions
  • 438 kg average CO2e avoided per user per year across Jump’s NHS programmes
  • Working with a total of 65 clients across the private, public and third sector
  • More than 80,000 total users registered across all programmes
  • Employed 15 people
  • Accepted onto London & Partners’ Grow London programme

"Working with Jump on our SHINE Rewards programme enables us to bring our people on our journey to Net Zero. It's fantastic to see their commitment and practical actions - in the last 12 months, our staff have logged almost 40,000 positive actions, both at work and home, to reduce their carbon footprint."

Laura Middlemass, Sustainability Manager, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“Working with Jump on our digital engagement platform, I’ve seen how effective the platform is in motivating staff to make those small but necessary changes. This has saved the Trust over 3,000 tons of carbon, which represents 5% of our total carbon footprint, so some significant carbon savings have been achieved.”

Libby Sutherland, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“I think it is a great way of highlighting environmental issues and giving small, manageable changes we can make to help.”

Staff member from Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“There are always new initiatives and so much information to keep me informed. I have recommended it to my colleagues.”

Staff member from Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Date Published

February 2024


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