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MyWay Digital Health


MyWay Digital Health


Competition 12 - General Practice of the Future

Clinical Need

10% of the world population has diabetes which can lead to blindness, heart attacks, strokes and amputations. These complications are entirely preventable through good self-management
and early medical intervention but cost £2.5 trillion pa globally. Better management of non-communicable diseases, person-centred care focusing on preventative strategies, and digital/ data driven solutions, strongly align with the NHS Long Term Plan.

The Innovation

An end-to-end, cost-saving, data-driven, digital solution for people with diabetes and healthcare teams.

MyWay Digital Health (MWDH)’s flagship digital product, MyWay Diabetes (MWD) (previously
MyDiabetesMyWay (MDMW)) integrates healthcare data - driving record access, personalised, automated advice, home monitoring support and education for people with diabetes.

MyWay Clinical (MWC) is a complementary clinician facing disease management system for individual and population management with tailored advice and risk prediction.

MWDH supports equity of access through accessibility best practice, delivery of content tailored to different cultures and languages, and easy-to-read materials. The team work with local organisations to support low digital/ health literacy needs, and datadriven risk tools help prioritisation of care for vulnerable populations.


  • NHS Innovation Accelerator and Clinical Entrepreneur Alumni
  • Winner in the HealthTech category of the 2021 Digital Leaders Impact Awards

NHS Impact

  • CE marked
  • MWD was scaled nationally in Scotland and is now deployed globally.
  • MWD demonstrates significant improvements in metabolic outcomes (HbA1C, cholesterol, blood pressure), reductions in emergency admissions/ long term complications, and significant cost savings (ROI of 5:1 with 10 year estimated savings of >£300m if scaled across the UK).
  • MDMW and MWD collectively run across the entirety of Scotland and in more than 25% of NHS England regions (Greater Manchester, North East/ North West London, Somerset, North West Coast (L&SC/ C&M)).
  • MWDH also delivers NHS England Type 1 diabetes education nationally through
  • Secured new contracts (NHS England national site, and 6 x large regional NHSE contracts; covering around 28% NHSE coverage)
  • Generation of >£ 1m annual revenues from sales to the NHS
  • Reached a large volume of patients through real-world testing and sales (over 1 million education site
    users, ~100,000 patient data access registrants in UK)
  • Demonstrated return on investment (the health service will get back about £5 for every £1 spent)

Economic Impact

  • Listed in the Department for International Trade top 100 healthcare companies for export
  • Exporting in the rest of the world (office in UAE and contracts in the Middle East and Malaysia)
Patient quote

"It’s a substitute for seeing a diabetic nurse"

Patient quote

"Informative, efficient, and now a big part in my diabetic life"

Patient quote

"I find MyWay Diabetes an excellent tool which keeps me abreast of things without having to pester hard pressed staff"

Date Published

April 2023


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