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World’s first medtech solution creating AI-driven immersive VR games to provide and control for quality of upper-limb rehabilitation in-clinic or at home

Clinical need

There are more than 1.3M stroke survivors in the UK costing society £26B (81M globally costing $700B), 80% of which have upper-limb impairments. For effective movement recovery, stroke survivors are required to perform frequent repetition of rehabilitation exercises, however, they do not reach their full recovery potential as (1) access to the required intensity and length of rehabilitation is limited by the number of therapists at the hospital (2) current home rehabilitation is not motivating enough (3) support at home is often limited and therefore adherence to required rehabilitation time is low.

About NeuroVirt

NeuroVirt is the world’s first immersive virtual reality (VR) solution focused on providing movement quality control, giving faster and better clinical outcomes. Patients engage in beautiful immersive environments that gamify rehabilitation individualised to their ability. Our algorithms detect and control for movement quality in real-time, correcting for non-optimal movement patterns during gameplay in VR. Assessments take less than 1 minute to perform in VR in comparison to over 20 minutes in the clinic. Detailed recovery data can be monitored and physiotherapists can prescribe individualised therapy through the NeuroVirt app. Our solution provides intensive quality rehabilitation of the whole upper limb, in just one device. This alleviates clinical bottlenecks enabling them to provide 14 times more therapy at a fraction of the cost and provides access to intensive rehabilitation in clinic or at home.


  • Over £1.4M of non-dilutive funding raised so far
  • Solidified commercial contracts including with the largest private healthcare clinic in the UK
  • Saving the NHS £1,060 per patient equating to £84.8M per year
  • 20 clinics in commercial pipeline for year 1
  • Backed by the NHS, Stroke Association, UCL, UEA and UoN
  • Collaboration with UCLA and their clinical arm Cedars Sinai for FDA trials in the US

Date Published

April 2023


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