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Surgery Hero (formerly Sapien)


An app using personalised digital guidance and remote health coaching to optimise patients preoperatively and support their recovery during the postoperative phase

Clinical need

The solution tackles gaps in care between consultations that often leave patients feeling vulnerable and confused. It is known that 40-80% of all healthcare information shared with patients during a face-to-face consultation is forgotten immediately, and 40% of patients report not understanding their role in their care. All of this contributes to the £7bn spent by the NHS each year on avoidable costs related to surgery (unplanned cancellations, increased length of stay and postoperative complications).

Surgery Hero supports patients between appointments, answering queries and responding to concerns as they arise, while at the same time coaching patients to become more accountable for their own health and to improve self-management skills.

About Surgery Hero

There is a misconception that surgery begins on the day of the operation. In reality, the operation is only half the battle, everything we do before and after plays a critical role in the success of the surgery.

1 in 3 patients experience post-operative complications, half of which are avoidable with better preparation.

Surgery Hero is the world’s first digital prehabilitation clinic. We combine human health coaching, personalised lifestyle management strategies and mobile technology, helping prepare body and mind for surgery. With Surgery Hero, patients acquire the knowledge, confidence and skills to better manage their own health, thereby reducing reliance on health services. This approach correlates closely with the NHS Long Term Plan to empower patient self-management.


  • £1M revenue last year, £2.5M raised in VC funding
  • 9 NHS projects live (Cheshire and Merseyside ICS, NE London ICS, Black Country and West Birmingham, Cambridge, Leeds, Portsmouth, South Tees, North Tees, Derby)
  • Ongoing multi-centre trials
  • Cheshire & Merseyside study demonstrated 65% reduction in post op complication, 0% of surgery hero cohort had a PPC (primary outcome metric), 4.2 day reduction in length of stay (£2,100 cost saving per patient)

Date Published

April 2023


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