Company: uMotif Digital Health
Competition Entered/ Phase: Medicines Management
Innovation: Parkinson’s Tracker platform
Total award: £571,107 awarded across Phase 1 & Phase 2 product development stages
Savings to the NHS: Estimated at £20 million per annum
Product availability: Q2 2015

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uMotif is a health technology company improving the way patients track and self-manage their conditions and make shared decisions with their clinicians. The underlying idea behind uMotif is that health self-management can strengthen the patient-clinician relationship to improve outcomes and save costs.

With SBRI Healthcare funding uMotif has developed a software platform with smartphone apps and a web portal designed to help people with Parkinson’s Disease manage their medication and improve their health behaviours through self-tracking. The app also represents an interesting new research platform for in-situ testing of cognitive performance. Detailed daily tracking provides the potential to empower and motivate patients with long term conditions, encouraging them to engage positively with the management of their conditions while providing better data to healthcare professionals to enhance shared decision making.

The technology and its highly intuitive user interface has been developed in close collaboration with a range of patient groups, academic and clinical partners and was designed from the patients’ perspective.

It is estimated that one in 500 people are affected by Parkinson’s disease, which means there are an approximately 127,000 people in the UK with the condition. Less than 50% of patients adhere to the medications prescribed by clinicians, resulting in lower quality of life, impaired outcomes and increased costs.

Patient perspective

Through the SBRI funding, uMotif are leading a world-leading Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) working with 7 of the UK’s top neurologists. The RCT follows successful Phase 1 trials* of the app which demonstrated 70% daily use rates and increases in self-reported medication adherence. Users reported engagement with tracking and ease of use and overall improved health behaviours and patient wellbeing.

“Using uMotif’s technology has helped my husband understand for the first time the complexity and reality of my medication regime. He’s now better able to support my Parkinson’s self-management”

Economic impact

SBRI funding has allowed the creation of four full time roles. In addition to SBRI funding, the company has secured additional investment of ~£200,000.
Full commercial availability is expected in Q2 2015, with forecasted year 1 sales of £250K. In addition to Australia, export of the technology to USA, Europe and Brazil is planned. The platform is now being deployed in primary and secondary care in other patient groups, including diabetes, heart failure, oncology, renal and rheumatology.
Early health economic modelling suggests savings to the NHS of over £20m per annum through use of the uMotif platform.

“SBRI Healthcare has been very good in supporting our early innovation. Through the programme, the uMotif app is being trailed with 7 of the UK’s top neurologists in an ethics approved and NIHR Clinical Research Network adopted randomised controlled trial.” – Bruce Hellman, uMotif Digital Health

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* Phase 1 trials overseen by Birkbeck, University of London, with patients recruited via The Cure Parkinson’s Trust

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