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If you would like further information on any of the companies listed in the Directory please contact the SBRI Healthcare PMO by email or tel: +44 20 8843 8125.

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£ 152,867,682
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Cambridge Respiratory Innovations Ltd

Project Low Cost Self-Care Asthma Monitor

Cambridge Respiratory Innovations Limited (CRiL) of Swavesey, Cambridgeshire, has been awarded an SBRI Healthcare feasibility study development contract for a self-care asthma monitor using its innovative N-Tidal technology. CRiL has developed an epitaxially-grown LED-based CO2 sensor specifically to measure CO2 in respired breathing. The sensor and technology platform has been proven in COPD and this feasibility study will investigate its potential use in the reversible condition of asthma. The intention is to reduce the demands on primary care through improved management of asthma. 5.4 million people in the UK suffer from asthma, which is generally poorly diagnosed and controlled.

Funding £ 932,748
Competition Competition 12 - General Practice of the Future
Competition Date November 2016
AHSN Partner Eastern AHSN

Cambridge Respiratory Innovations Ltd

Project Personal asthma management device

Cambridge Respiratory Innovations is developing both a simple, patient friendly, quantifiable asthma metric (currently absent in asthma management) and a low-cost personal medical device that would ultimately facilitate closed loop control of poorly managed asthma. The capnometer and respiration rate meter are based on a patented non-dispersive infra-red, fast acting sensor. It is anticipated that the use of the devices will increase personal disease ownership, improve medicines compliance and reduce respiratory exacerbations, minimising acute in-patient stays

Funding £ 84,800
Competition Competition 7 - Medicine Adherence
Competition Date May 2014
AHSN Partner Eastern AHSN


Project BuddyWOTCH. A wrist wearable Class IIb medical monitor for patients with severe respiratory and cardiovascular disease

Aseptika is developing a medical-version of a Smartwatch to help people with respiratory disease to better manage their condition at home. The device will alert the wearer, their family and their medical team of rapid decline in health. Aseptika has applied for patents for its inventions.

Funding £ 1,099,344
Competition Competition 5 - Improving outcomes of patients with COPD through better long term and self-management of the disease
Competition Date September 2013
Categories Respiratory , Cardiovascular
AHSN Partner Eastern AHSN


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