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Open Medical Ltd

Project Pathpoint Cancer Initiative - Scaling and Evaluating Interoperable Cloud Clinical Pathway Management Solutions to Optimise Referral, Triage and Diagnostic Workflows

Harnessing the power of digital cloud technology, PathpointTM eDerma provides a unified, web-based solution to deliver and end-to-end two-week wait pathway starting at a patient’s first presentation to a GP, to the detailed dermatologist assessment, and the minor operation (biopsy/excision) that may be necessitated. The digital solution resolves the lag time between a referral and the definitive diagnostic intervention: dermoscopy and biopsy with up to 97.7% of patients being diagnosed or scheduled for a definitive diagnostic intervention within 48 hours of referral. Patients are kept fully informed throughout the chain of events, consent is sought within the software and therapy advice communicated via digital leaflets and videos whilst integration with local and national systems maintains seamless data flow.

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Funding £1,063,081
Competition NHS Cancer Programme – Innovation Open Call 1
Competition Date February 2021
Categories Cancer, NHS efficiencies
AHSN Partner Eastern AHSN


Project Telescopic referrals to streamline and increase efficiency for managing the head and neck 2ww cancer pathway

Endoscope-i technology has enabled the early detection of throat cancer by providing expert head and neck consultant opinions in the fastest possible time on all patients referred by primary care for suspected throat cancer. This tool has been invaluable during the pandemic where face to face consultation have been inhibited. The technology has not only maintained the cancer diagnosis pathway during the pandemic but has strengthened it to provide a high-quality service for anxious patients with throat symptoms resembling cancer of the head and neck.

Funding £424,418
Competition NHS Cancer Programme – Innovation Open Call 1
Competition Date February 2021
Categories Cancer
AHSN Partner West Midlands AHSN

Orion Medtech Ltd C.I.C

Project Applying a cancer care toolkit for improving time from diagnosis to treatment by adapting existing digital technology and processes

Our project aims to reduce the time taken from diagnosis of a brain tumour to the beginning of treatment. We will achieve our aim by developing a new care process to allow key steps to happen in parallel.

This will be supported by our digital platform which enables data sharing across different institutions. We have already been able to reduce the time from first diagnosis to specialist discussion, and plan to extend this work to cover the entire period up to treatment. We will also develop a standard way of sharing data between individual hospital systems. By studying data collected and carrying out workshops, we will develop a 'toolkit' that will enable our findings to be applied to other cancers

Funding £361,487
Competition NHS Cancer Programme – Innovation Open Call 1
Competition Date February 2021
Categories Cancer


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