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Bespak is a leading global supplier of drug delivery devices for injectable and inhaled products. With SBRI Healthcare funding, Bespak has developed an On-Body Injector device known as Lapas, driven by a novel power source, to create a low cost approach to larger volume, higher viscosity drug delivery.

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Isansys Lifecare Ltd

Isansys Lifecare Limited is a new generation digital healthcare company that has developed an innovative, low cost and scalable patient monitoring platform. The Patient Status Engine (PSE) integrates a range of advanced medically certified wireless wearable vital sign sensors, with secure networking technologies and predictive analytics. Any (and every) patient can now be monitored continuously in hospital or at home.
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Lightpoint Medical

Cancer frequently requires multiple operations. For example, 20-40% of breast cancer patients who undergo breast-conserving surgery will require a re-operation. The consequences, in addition to the repeat operation itself, include delayed adjuvant treatment, higher risk of mastectomy, increased likelihood of distant recurrence, poorer functional and cosmetic outcomes, patient anxiety, and enormous financial cost.

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The LuCID (Lung Cancer Indicator Detection) project will allow Owlstone’s existing chemical detection technology to be used to diagnose lung cancer, by measuring the trace chemicals present in the breath of lung cancer patients. By diagnosing cases earlier, and allowing more effective and less expensive treatments, LuCID will save 3200 lives and £82m each year.
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Earlier SBRI Healthcare Case Studies are shown below.


Advanced Digital Innovation (UK) Ltd (ADI)

In collaboration with experts in the field of persistent pain – Professor Bob Lewin and Dr Frances Cole – ADI led a feasibility study to understand and investigate the role a mobile phone app might have in the lives of those suffering with persistent pain, and how it might improve the quality of their lives using CBT techniques but without the direct involvement of a therapist.
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Huntingdon based start up company Aseptika Ltd  has devised a home-based rapid and quantative test for a common bacterial lung infection suffered by patients with Cystic Fibrosis (CF).
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Edinburgh based Edixomed Ltd has developed a nitric oxide dressing for diabetic patients with chronic leg ulcers to enable rapid healing.
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Just Checking 

Just Checking works with 80% of UK local authorities with social services responsibilities.  The company’s activity monitoring system is used for the assessment and care of people with dementia.  With the backing of NHS England, Just Checking will be used to improve care for adults with learning disabilities.
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PolyPhotonix Ltd

Noctura 400 is an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) -based, light therapy sleep mask (Class 2a medical device, manufactured to ISO13485 by PolyPhotonix Medical) which is CE certified for the treatment of diabetic retinopathy and the subject of a multi-centre, Phase III trial (Moorfields, UK).
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uMotif Digital Health 

uMotif is a digital health company with a software platform for health self management, being deployed in 16 NHS centres across the UK and soon in Australia.  Our technology helps strengthen relationships between patients and their clinicians and carers.
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